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Head of department

Sharibayev Nosir Yusupjanovich

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences., Professor

About the department

  • Sharibaev Nosir Yusupjanovich – Head of the Department Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences., Professor
  • Kahharov Mahmudjon Mamadjonovich – Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences., Associate Professor
  • Kuchkarov Behzod Khoshimjonovich – PhD, Associate Professor
  • Rajapov Ikromjon Tukhtasinovich – Senior teacher
  • Khudayberdiev Farkhod Tokhirovich – Senior teacher
  • Sharibaev Erkin Yusupovich – Senior teacher
  • Kholboev Doniyor Juraboevich – Senior teacher
  • Tulkinov Muhammad Ali Erkinjon uglu – Assistant
  • Makhmudov Bekzod Mirzaakhmad uglu – Assistant
  • Toshmamatov Nurmirza Tajimirza uglu – Assistant
  • Muminjanov Mamurjon Muhammadjon uglu – Assistant
  • Yoqubboyev Anashon Akmalkhanovich – Assistant
  • Askarov Dilmurod Bakhtiyor uglu – Assistant
  • Saloydinov Sardorjon Qodirjon uglu – Assistant
  • Dadaboyev Kobiljon Kasimjon uglu – Assistant
  • Izzatillayev Khurmatillo Hikmatillo uglu – Assistant
  • Abdulhayev Abror Abdullahon uglu – Assistant
  • Rahmatullayev Rivojiddin Oribjon uglu – Assistant
  • Daliyev Abdunabi Ahmadali uglu – Assistant
  • Masumov Musakhon Ikromjon uglu – Assistant
  • Karimova Feruza Tulkunovna – Head of the Cabinet

About the department

The Department of Energy was established in 2019 by the decision of the board of the institute. Currently, the department trains highly competitive personnel for many industrial enterprises and organizations of the republic in the direction of bachelor’s degree in the specialties 5310200 “Electric Power Engineering” (Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity) 5310100 “Energy” (Heat power engineering).

Currently, the department has 1 doctor of science (DSc), 1 doctor of philosophy (PhD), 1 candidate of science, 4 senior lecturers, 13 assistants, 1 department head. In addition, 2 basic doctoral students work at the department. The target number of doctoral students is 6 people. The scientific potential is 15 percent. In addition, 4 independent researchers are on the verge of completing their dissertations. Over the past 2 years, the department has replenished with talented young people working on themselves, as a result of which the average age of the department has reached 30 years.


In the 2019-2022 academic year, professors and teachers of the department published more than 100 scientific articles, including 20 in reputable scientific journals included in the Scopus and Web of science databases, 50 in international and national journals recognized by the Higher Attestation Commission. More than scientific articles have been published, as well as 8 monographs, 30 certificates for software products, 4 textbooks, as well as more than 100 teaching aids in more than 40 disciplines of the department, methodological complexes have been created, electronic versions of which are posted on the website of the IRC Institute and ZIYONET.

In the 2021-2022 academic year, it is planned to defend 4 candidates of sciences at the department (Rajapov I, Sharibaev E, Makhmudov B. and Kholboev D).

The department has 2 lecture halls equipped with video monitors, 2 laboratory rooms adapted for experiments and practical exercises, equipped in a modern way for the educational process. Professors and teachers of the department (Professor N.Y.Sharibaev, senior teachers E.Y.Sharibaev, D.J.Kholboev) every academic year organize refresher courses in various disciplines and provide educational services at the institute, made a significant contribution to the creation and extra budgetary financing. At the same time, the department regularly cooperates with a number of manufacturing companies. In particular, one of the professors of the department is Professor N.Y.Sharibaev, senior lecturer. E.Y.Sharibaev with industrial enterprises (“Department of pumping stations and energy of the Naryn-Syrdarya irrigation basin”).

Starting from the current academic year, scientific and methodological cooperation has been carried out with teachers and students of the Mingbulak Technical School of Light Industry and the Technical School of Technologies and Economics of Industrial Enterprises, Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

From 2019 to the present, the department is headed by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Sharibaev Nosir Yusupjanovich.


Professors and teachers of the department regularly cooperate with a number of leading foreign and domestic higher educational and research institutes and industrial enterprises on the basis of research, scientific, methodological and exchange programs. Below is a list of them:

  1. University of “Malaya” Malaysia (Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. Abdul Kareem Bin Hj M Arof)
  2. With the Departments of Energy, Robotics and Automation of the National Technical University of Belarus.
  3. With the Faculty of Physics and Mechanics of the Belarus State University
  4. With the Department of Energy of Osh State University
  5. Tashkent State Technical University (Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Academician Bakhadyrkhanov M.K., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Khoshimov A.O., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Gaibov T.Sh .)
  6. Physical-Technical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan (D.Sc., Professor Saidov A.S., D.P.M.S., Professor Leiderman A.Yu., D.P.M. (Ph.D., Professor Ayubkhanov R.A., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sh.N.Usmanov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Researcher A.G. Gulyamov)
  7. Tashkent University of Information Technologies, (Doctor of Technical Sciences, Siddikov I., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Abdurakhmanov K.P., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Imamov E.Z., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Aripov Kh.A.)
  8. Fergana State University (D.Sc., Professor R.Ya. Rasulov)
  9. Fergana Polytechnic Institute (D.Sc., Professor S.F. Ergashev)
  10. Andijan State University .N.Karimov)
  11. Namangan State University (Dr. Sc. R. Khakimov)
  12. Namangan Civil Engineering Institute (D.Sc., Professor Gulyamov G., D.P.M.S., Professor Dadamirzaev M.G.)
  13. JSC “Namangan regional power supply enterprise”
  14. Pumping and energy management of the Norinsk-Syrdarya irrigation basin system.
  15. Namangan region State Unitary Enterprise “Production of heat sources”
  16. Thorakorgon IES UK
  17. Namangan branch of the main electrical networks of JSC “National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan”.


  1. Heat supply and heating systems
  2. Steam and gas appliances,
  3. Combined-cycle plants
  4. Processes of heat and mass transfer
  5. Thermal and nuclear power plants
  6. Non-traditional power plants
  7. High temperature processes and devices
  8. Technology of fuel combustion and water treatment at thermal power plants
  9. Boiler installations.
  10. Electric lighting
  11. Management and optimization of power systems
  12. Hydrogasdynamics
  13. Alternative energy sources
  14. Electrical networks and systems
  15. Relay protection
  16. Automation of electrical systems
  17. Mathematical problems of energy
  18. Automated energy control and metering systems
  19. Electric machines
  20. Transient processes
  21. Electrical part of stations and substations
  22. Rules of construction and operation of electrical equipment
  23. Structural-mechanical parts of power transmission lines
  24. Hydropower plants
  25. Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity
  26. Electrotechnics and electronics
  27. Theoretical Electrotechnics
  28. Electrotechnics
  29. Basics of Electrotechnics and electronics
  30. High voltage technique



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