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Accounting and audit

Head of department

Tursunov Ulug’bek Sativoldiyevich

Iqtisod fanlari nomzodi

The structure of the department

  • Tursunov Ulugbek Sativoldievich – Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor
  • Sayitbaev Shermirza Dotkamirzaevich – Doctor of Economics, Professor
  • Kadirova Khadicha Turaevna – Doctor of Economics, Professor
  • Sharipov Botirali Rokhatalievich – Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor
  • Yuldashev Kodirzhon Mamadzhonovich – Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor
  • Nasritdinov Ikrom Alievich – Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor
  • Sobirov Otabek Olimjonovich – PhD
  • Pirmatov Rakhmatilla Murodalievich – Senior Lecturer
  • Inomov Abdusalom Mukhammadovich – Senior Lecturer
  • Boymirzaev Zokirzhon Mashrabboevich – Senior Lecturer
  • Mamadjonov Shukhratjon Jaloliddinovich – Senior Lecturer
  • Kholmirzaev Abdulkhamid Khafizovich – Senior Lecturer
  • Ishimbaev Rafael Nailievich – Senior Lecturer
  • Mamadaliyev Akmaljon Gayratalievich – Senior Lecturer
  • Mirzaholikov Boburzhon Bakhtiyorovich – Assistant
  • Akhmedov Azizbek Murodjon ugli – Assistant
  • Akbarov Gairatjon Nemadzhonovich – Assistant

About the department

The department “Accounting and audit” has been functioning as a separate department since 1997, and the head of the department was appointed candidate of economic sciences, associate professor M. Dekhkanov. In 2000-2005, the department was headed by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Botirova R., 2005-2011. Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor Sharipov B.V. Due to the change in the profile of the Namangan Engineering and Economics Institute in 2011 and the transformation of the institute into the Namangan Engineering and Technology Institute, the department merged with other departments until 2019 as a result of job cuts. In 2011, he was merged with the Department of Finance and appointed head of the department, Doctor of Economics, Professor Sh. Saitbaev. In 2013, the department “Accounting and Audit” was transformed into the department “Organization of Accounting at Industrial Enterprises” and Ph.D., Associate Professor U. Tursunov was appointed head of the department. In 2018, the Department of Organization and Economics of Industrial Production began to separate from the economic faculties.

On February 8, 2021, the Faculty of Engineering and Technology was renamed into the Faculty of Economics, the Department of Organization and Economics of Industrial Production was renamed into the Department of Economics and the Department of Accounting and Audit.

The department “Accounting and Audit” is a graduating department that specializes in bachelor’s degree in the specialty 5230900 – “Accounting and audit” and master’s degree in the specialty 5A230901 – “Accounting”.

The department has 20 full-time positions, including 1 doctor of science, professor, 6 candidates of science, associate professors, 7 senior teachers, 4 assistants.

Since February 8, 2021, the department has been headed by Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor Ulugbek Sativoldievich Tursunov.


5230900 – Accounting and auditing (branches and fields) – bachelor’s degree – a branch of science and industry, belonging to different forms of ownership, business entities of different industries, financial, credit and insurance institutions, state and local authorities, academics and human activities aimed at the development, forecasting, professional skills, bureaucracy of enterprises in industries and sectors, including economic, financial, marketing, production – economic and analytical services of the network, research organizations, preschool, general education, secondary special and higher education institutions covers a set of tools, methods, techniques and methods.

The professional activities of bachelors include:

  • identification of modern problems and features of the organization of accounting and auditing of business entities, the development of modern areas of management of their activities;
  • organization, maintenance and control of accounting of business entities of different sectors and industries of different forms of ownership, preparation and submission of financial statements, provision of services for the analysis of the business entity, the organization of auditing activities;
  • preparation of primary data required for the calculation of economic and socio-economic indicators determining the activities of business entities;
  • calculation of economic and socio-economic indicators on the basis of the standard method of cost regulation;
  • development of financial accounting and reporting of economic entities of different sectors of the economy on the basis of national and international accounting standards;
  • analytical, scientific research activities;
  • search, collection and analysis of information necessary for management decisions in the business entity;
  • processing, analysis, evaluation of economic data sets in accordance with the task, comparison of the obtained results and drawing reasonable conclusions;
  • knowledge of the activities of public authorities and administration, legal entities registered in the Republic of Uzbekistan and related laws and regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the ability to use them in their activities;
  • analysis and comparison of indicators characterizing socio-economic processes and events occurring at the macro and micro levels in Uzbekistan and abroad;
  • participate in the preparation of tentative reports and information reviews, statistical observations, surveys, questionnaires and processing of their primary results, development and justification of selection of management decisions based on the criteria of socio-economic efficiency, taking into account their risks and consequences;
  • research of research projects, models, algorithms, methods, software solutions, tools, research of strategic directions of development of network and industrial enterprises;
  • application of methods of calculating financial indicators in assessing the effectiveness of economic entities;
  • ability to develop ways to increase the financial stability of economic entities and its development.

Objects of professional activity of bachelors:

5230900 – Objects of bachelor’s professional activity in accounting and auditing (industries and sectors): behavior of business entities, their costs and results, moving markets, financial and information flows, sectors and industries of the economy, production and non-manufacturing complexes , the basis for the development of associations, corporations, concerns, holdings, production associations, firms and companies, as well as enterprises of various forms of ownership, research institutions and local government agencies to provide accounting, economic analysis and auditing activities.

Modern achievements of science, engineering and technology in the field, depending on the requirements of personnel customers, there may be additions and changes in the objects of professional activity of bachelors.

5230900 – Accounting and auditing (industries and sectors) is part of the department of “Accounting and Auditing”.

The department of “Accounting and Auditing” is a specialty department, which was reorganized on February 8, 2021 as a result of separation from the department of “Organization and Economics of Industrial Production” (in 2014, ie).    

Today, the department conducts classes in 42 subjects. Professors and teachers of the department are working to improve the teaching methods of these disciplines. In the last 3 years, the department has created 16 textbooks, 11 monographs, more than 50 teaching aids, published scientific articles in more than 50 international and more than 50 national scientific journals.

Scientists of the department have developed a number of innovative and practical projects, including “Improvement of accounting and auditing of leasing relations in the economy of Uzbekistan”, “Development of innovative activities of small enterprises (on the example of Namangan region)”, “Organizational and economic development of export potential in small business and entrepreneurship” Research on “Improving the mechanism of poverty reduction”, “Opportunities to reduce poverty through the development of small business and entrepreneurship”.

The department is headed by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Tursunov Ulugbek Sativoldievich. At present, the department has 1 doctor of sciences, professor, 6 candidates of sciences, associate professors. The department is constantly cooperating with about 20 similar universities, research institutes and universities of the CIS countries in the country.

The department has established mutually beneficial cooperation with higher education institutions of the Republic and developed countries. In particular, Tashkent State University, TIF, TerSU, QQSU, QarMII, QarSU, AndSU, NamSU, FarSU, NamMPI, Tashkent State University, Maryland, New York, Michigan, Texas Technical University of the USA, Van Hall University of the Netherlands, Delhi, India, Agra, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth AKOLA Maharashtra Agrarian and Indira Gandhi Open Universities, Surgut University of Russia, Plekhanov Academy of Economics, City University of Malaysia, Surgut State University of the Russian Federation, Russian State Professional Pedagogical University, Ural State University of Economics.



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