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Department of organization and economy of industrial production

Head of the department

Department of organization and economy of industrial production

Tursunov Ulugbek Sativoldiyevich

Members of the department
  • Tursunov Ulug`bek — i.f.n.,dоtsent kafedra mudiri
  • Ismoilov Ravshanjon — i.f.n., dоtsent,
  • Saidbaev Shermirza — i.f.n.,professor
  • Shermatov Abdulahad — i.f.n.,dоtsent
  • Sharipov Botirjon — i.f.n.,dоtsent
  • Rahimov  Bahromjon- i.f.n.,dоtsent
  • Bustonov Mansurjon — i.f.n.,dоtsent
  • Mahkamov Ibrohim — i.f.n.,dоtsent
  • Tursunov Nozimjon — katta o’qituvchi
  • Mamadjanov Shuhratjon — katta o’qituvchi
  • Abdulhakimov Zuhrali — katta o’qituvchi
Research affairs
In order to ensure the integration of science, education and production processes, the Department of Organization and Economics of Industrial Production cooperates with the holding company Uzpakhtasanatexport and the Single Window Sado-Center. set to.
Kosonsoy Textile LLC, NAM TEKS LLC, PSB-Antex GROUP LLC, Nam Impex Textile LLC, Indorama Kokand foreign enterprise, Aisha-Home Textile LLC, PAPFEN LLC Toshbulok-Tex ”, Namangan Textile LLC, Namangan Textile Tower LLC, Mega Textile Foreign Enterprise, Namangan branch of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Students, masters and graduate students enrich their theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

To guide the collaboration, an innovative team was created, consisting of leading professors, teachers and employees of the department. Scientific cooperation with enterprises 4 Ph.D. dissertations, 70 final qualification works. The department cooperates with a number of universities and research centers, textile machinery and manufacturing enterprises in the field of education, research and training. In 2017, under the leadership of the head of the department, R. Ismoilov, J. Inamov was awarded the “Scholarship of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, and in the same year — “Scholarship of the Youth Union”.

Research Professors and teachers of the department are actively engaged in research on the most pressing problems of the real sector of the economy. They publish their scientific articles in international and national scientific journals, present their findings and recommendations on the results of scientific research, and participate in scientific conferences on pressing issues of the economy. The department is working on a practical project A-2-30 “Food and Textile Cluster of the Namangan Region” for 2015-2017. The supervisor of studies, Professor A. Soliev took part in the project.
The department is working on a practical project for 2013–2014 “Development of the technology for the production of bioadditives for children based on local food” for 2013–2014. The project manager is Associate Professor O. Kazakov. In 2016-2017, the department worked on the practical project A-9-004 «Restoration of forest ecosystems in the mountain and foothill regions of the Ferghana Valley and its use in the country’s GDP.» The supervisor of studies was Associate Professor G. Madiyarov.
In 2016–2017, the department worked on a practical project I-2016–5–18 “Production of high-crystalline granules based on the efficient use of high-calorie granules based on the efficient use of local raw materials”. The project manager is Associate Professor L. Ubaidullaev. On March 16, 2017, at the Namangan Regional Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects, the Department took part in its innovative project.

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