Department of Designing and Technology of Light Industry Products

Head of the department

Ergashev Jamoliddin Samatovich

Members of the department
  • Ergashev Jamoliddin — Head of the department
  • Xojimatov Rasuljon — Docent
  • Nabijanova Nargiza — Docent
  • Usmonov Xalil — Senior teacher
  • Umarova Venera — Senior teacher
  • Rayimberdieva Dilrabo — Senior teacher
  • Ergasheva Rashida — Senior teacher
  • Dadaboev Farxodjon — Senior teacher
  • Mamadalieva Ominaxon  — Senior teacher
  • Ismatullaev Nizom — Assistent
  • Dadamirzaev Baxrom — Assistant teacher
  • Mahsudov Shoxruhmirzo — Assistant teacher
  • Parpiev Umidjon — Assistant teacher
  • Xamidjanov Abror — Assistant teacher
  • Turg‘unoa Azizbek — Assistant teacher
  • Sidikjanov Jafar — Assistant teacher
  • Sotvoldieva Zarifa  — Assistant teacher
  • Nazarova Matluba — Assistant teacher
  • Pirmanova Qunduz — Secretary
  • Azizova Nafisa  — Laboratory assistant
  • Maxamadalieva Gulhayo — Laboratory assistant
Research affairs
Scientific activity of the department. Professors and teachers of the department prepare and submit fundamental, practical and innovative projects, contracts for participation in various competitions. An innovative group was created at the department, where all the teachers of the department are collected and established the bank of problems corresponding the field of sphere and the production of related industries. They are conducting research in this area in collaboration with industry experts. Cooperation agreements have been signed with enterprises. They are involved in collaborative research works to improve the efficiency of their work, to prepare the young generation in line with modern requirements. Responsible teachers are set for the research themes.

The scientific potential of the department in the academic year 2019-2020 is 17 percent.

Two post-doctoral students (PhD) are being prepared in the chair. They are Maksudov Nabijon Bahodirovich and Abduvaliyev Ravshan Rukhilayevich. Members of the department’s main staff are conducting their research work  independently.

Preparation of masters degree students on the specialty 5A320902 – “Technology and design of garments” began in 2012-2013 academic year. In the first year, five graduates successfully completed their dissertations, and four of them were recruited to continue teaching in the department, and this number is increasing year by year. In the 2018-2019 academic year, five Master’s students have defended their theses successfully.

All undergraduate students of the department are working on topics which  correspond to the scientific issues that are relevant to the priority areas of the field. They have contracts with the relevant industrial enterprises and the dissertation work of each graduate student is closely related to the scientific problems of these enterprises. The reports of graduate students in the department are discussed in accordance with the established schedule and are given appropriate recommendations and guidance by the teaching staff of the department.

All the professors and teachers of the department have their own scientific research themes. These themes were chosen according to the industrial, fundamental and theoretical problems of the relevant field.

Three professor-teachers of the department are members of Scientific seminars of the Institute. Although the professors and teachers of the department are not doctors of science, they have established strong relations with the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry, which is the main institution of higher education of this field.

Cooperative relations of the chair
The department is working closely with Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry, Kostroma Technological University, Bukhara Intitute of Engineering and  Technology, Andijan Mechanical Engeneering Intitute, Fergana Polytechnic Institute, Namangan Institute of Engineering and Construction, Regional  Secondary Specialized Education Department, Academic Lyceums, Light Industry Vocational Colleges and several light industry enterprises and cooperating with them.

Address of the Department: 7th building, 1-2 floor, NamIET