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Department of Russian Language

Head of the department

Kazakbayeva Saodat  Inomjonovna


Members of the department
  • I.Kazakbayeva — Head of the department
  • Negmatov — c.p.s. dotsent
  • Sotvoldiyev — senior teacher
  • G‘. Ahmedov – senior teacher
  • Tojiahmedov – senior teacher
  • Musalimova – teacher
  • Abdurahmonova – teacher
  • Karimov – teacher
  • Ibragimova – teacher
  • Qo‘chqorov – teacher
  • Qodirov – teacher
  • Sherg‘oziyeva – teacher
  • Mirzaboyev – teacher
  • Qosimov – teacher
Research affairs
The professors and teachers of the department prepare projects for participation in competitions. In this regard, they are conducting research in cooperation with the industry specialist.

While senior staff members are not trained in the department, the main staff members of the department do their own research work on their own topics.               One monograph and two textbooks are planned to be published this academic year.

Cooperative relations of the chair
From August 1, 2019 the members of the department have established cooperation with “RUSSKIY CENTR” of Namangan region. Established links with the relevant departments of the Namangan Engineering and Construction Institute and Namangan State University

The address of the department: Russian Language Department