Department of Marketing

Head of the department

Soxadaliyev Abdurashid

Members of the department

Professor A. Soliev, the topic of his doctoral dissertation: “Ning Bugungi Kundagi Ilmiy Faoliyati Maususi:

Associate Professor A. Sohadaliev Ph.D. thesis: “Sut va go’sht mahsulotlari ishlab chiqarish harajatlari va narx belgilash muammolari”, “Costs of meat and dairy production and pricing problems”.

Associate Professor Kazakov O.S. Ph.D. dissertation topic: “Paxtadan tayyorlangan maxsulotlarni sifatini oshirishni tashkiliy-iqtisodiy mexanizmini takomillashtirish”, “Improving the organizational and economic mechanism for improving the quality of cotton products”. The theme of the doctoral dissertation: “Improving the mechanism for the efficient use of economic resources”, “Iqtisodiy resurslardan samarali foydalanish mexanizmini takomillashtirish.

Cell Phone: +99893 (402-02-41)


Associate Professor G. Madiyarov.: “Iste’mol tovarlar bozorida marketing tizimini rivojlantirish” “Marketing Development on the Consumer Goods Market”, PhD thesis: Directions for improving the production of handicraft goods ”,“ Hunarmandchilik mahsulotlarni ishlab chiharishni rivozhlantirishni shakllantirish.

Cell Phone: +998945065522

Associate Professor A.Yu. Akhmedov. Theme of the candidate dissertation. “Demonopolization of the economy and the development of competitive relations in the transition to a market economy” (on the example of the Republic of Uzbekistan) “Iqtisodiyotni monopiliyadan chiqarish va raqobat munosabatlarini shakllantirish”. Today he is working on a textbook: “The Genesis of Competition: Development, Formation and Prospects of Competition and Monopoly”, “Raqobat genezisi: raqobat va monopoliyani shakllanishi, rivojlanishi va istiqbollari”.

Cell Phone: +99893 (216-19-59)


Associate Professor B. Dadazhanov Theme of the Ph.D. thesis: “The use of managerial strategies in the development of retail trade” “Chakana savdoni rivojlanishida boshqaruv strategiyasidan foydalanish”. Monograph: “Management strategies and their use in trading”, “Boshqaruv strategiyalari va savdo faoliyatida ulardan foydalanish” Topic of the doctoral dissertation: “Improving the efficiency and quality of service in the trade sector”, “Savdo faoliyatida xizmat ko’rsatish sifati va uni samararadorligini oshirish”.

 Phone +99894 (908-31-07) Email:

Associate Professor Kadyrova H.T. He is working on the topic “Improving the financial market”, “Moliya bozorini takomillashtirish”. Prepares the textbook “Financial Management”, “Moliyaviy menejment”.

Cell Phone: +99893 (705-14-72)

Senior Lecturer (PD) Solieva Gulbakhor Akhmadzhanovna.

The theme of the Ph.D. thesis: “Factors of increasing socio-economic efficiency and the development of bookselling in Uzbekistan”, “O’zbekistonda kitob savdosini rivojlanishi va uning ijtimoiy-iqtisodiy samaradorligini oshirish omillari”.

He is working on the textbook “Fashion Marketing Management”, “Fashion Marketing Management”.

Senior teacher R. Karimzhanova is working on a dissertation on the topic: “Use of marketing strategies in the sale of handicraft products”, “Hunarmandchilik maxsulotlarni sotishda marketing strategiyalaridan foydalanish”.

Cell Phone: +99890 (555-72-81)

Senior teacher Matlyuba Kuymuratova. The topic of the Ph.D. thesis: “Improving the organizational and economic mechanism in the development and diversification of tourism”, “Turizmni rivojlantirish va diversifikatsiya qilishning tashkiliy-iqtisodiy mexanizmlarini takomillashtirish”.

Cell Phone: +99893 (497-36-44)

Research affairs

The scientists of the department are working on the most urgent problems of the branches of the real sector of the economy. The results and conclusions of scientific research are reflected in scientific articles, publications, monographs, as well as in the speeches of scientists at national and international scientific and practical conferences.

At the department in 2015-2017, under the guidance of Professor A. Soliev, grant A-2-30 “Namangan Textile and Food Cluster” was won.

In 2014-2015, under the guidance of associate professor O. Kazakov, the scientists of the department worked on the practical project ik-2013-66 «Creating technology for the preparation of bioadditives for baby food from local raw materials.»

In 2016-2017, under the guidance of associate professor G. Madiyarov, the scientists of the department worked on the practical project A-9-004 “Restoring forest ecosystems in the mountain and foothill regions of the Ferghana region and developing ways to use it to increase the Gross Domestic Product”.

In 2016-2017, under the guidance of associate professor L. Ubaidullaev, the scientists of the department worked on the practical project I-2016-5-18 “Creating an industrial mechanism for high-calorie granules through the effective use of local raw materials”.

In 2018, Associate Professor of the Department of Marketing A.Yu. Akhmedov underwent advanced training at USUE. In April 2019, he was invited to Ural State Economic University as an expert at the World Eurasian Economic Youth Forum of Asia, Africa and Latin America, where he delivered an open lecture on the topic: “New approaches to the integration of higher economic education in Russia and Uzbekistan.”

Today, under the leadership of the scientists of the department, 3 senior researchers and 2 independent candidates of the department conduct research work to defend doctoral dissertations.

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