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The Department of Decorative Gardening and Landscaping

Head of the department

The Department of Decorative Gardening and Landscaping

Misirova Surayyo Abdumutalovna

Members of the department
  • S.A Misirova — Head of the Department, Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences (PhD)
  • B.Akhmedov — Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences
  • A. Nasriddinov — Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences
  • N. Melanova — Senior Lecturer, Doctor of Philosophy in Biology (PhD)
  • A. Amanov is a senior teacher of the department
  • O.Husanova — senior teacher of the department
  • Abdurahmonov Muhtaraali Obduvohodov — senior teacher of the department
  • Xurramova Xatichaxon — senior teacher of the department
  • I. Kurbanov — assistant of the department
Research affairs

Item 45 of the minutes of the meeting and the extended meeting of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.Mirziyoev during the visit to Namangan region on July 7-8, 2017 «Development of floriculture in Namangan region, including cooperation with the Republic of Korea.» scientific research on the development of floriculture in the region, the creation of a department at the Namangan Engineering-Technological Institute, the establishment of floriculture departments under each district  khokimiyat ”. In accordance with paragraph 5 of the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Measures for Further Development of Flowering in Namangan Region” dated October 16, 2017 830 to ensure the implementation of this Protocol.             Establishment of specialties department of “Landscape gardening and landscaping” at Namangan Engineering-Technological Institute from 2018-2019 academic year based on the needs and requirements of the organizations and businesses The question was raised. In order to implement this decision, the order of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education No. 778 dated October 20, 2017 was developed. In order to implement this order, by the order of the Rector of Namangan Engineering and Technology Institute dated August 30, 2018 625 Department of «Landscape Gardening and Planting» was established as a Specialty Department from September 3, 2018 Misirova Surayyo Abdumutalovna is in charge.            There are 6 professors and teachers in the department. Four of them are candidates of science (2 of them are associate professors), 1 senior teacher, 1 assistant and 3 teaching assistants. The academic potential of the department in the 2018-2019 academic year is 67%.

The department trains bachelors in the direction 5411200 — «Decorative Gardening and Landscaping» from the 2018-2019 academic year.At the Department of «Botany and Plant Physiology», «Mechanization of storage and processing of agricultural products», «Biophysics», «Mechanization and automation of ornamental gardening», «Biochemistry of agriculture», «Entomology and science» «Integrated protection of wires from pests», «Soil science and agro chemistry», «Ecology», «Ecology and environmental protection», «Industrial ecology» «Professionalism» «Biology and genetics» «Agricultural biotechnology and microbiology» ”. The department has developed teaching materials based on modern pedagogical technologies, texts of lectures, methodical instructions for carrying out laboratory classes.

Cooperative relations of the chair
The department of decorative gardening and landscaping works on a contractual basis with a number of consumers (industrial enterprises), including SUE “Agroximoya” of Namangan region, “Bioserviz” LLC, Namangan region. State Unitary Enterprise «Committee of Ecology and Environment Protection» Namangan region «Epidemiological Sanitary Dispensary», «Ifoda agrochemistry» LLC and others.In these consumers (industrial enterprises) the students’ practices are organized systematically and the curriculum is being harmonized. On the basis of the study of technical and technological problems at the enterprises of the faculty and gifted students, the topics of research of young scientists (PhD), final qualifications, course projects and course work are being developed.               In addition, the abovementioned scientific and technical bases of the abovementioned industrial enterprises, as well as «Botany and Plant Physiology», «Soil Science and Agrochemistry», «Mechanization and Automation of Landscape Gardening», «Biochemistry of Agricultural Products». There are some laboratory classes in the following disciplines: «Biotechnology of agriculture and microbiology», «Entomology and plant protection against pests», «Ecology».            A building project for the establishment of the Biotechnology Research and Production Laboratory at the Center for Flower Development in cooperation with the Namangan regional Khokimiyat has been prepared and a list of the modern equipment to be purchased and their location. Study of modern laboratory equipment and international scientific research on microclonal reproduction of plants and generation of cholosome-containing plants in chromosome-containing plants under vitro 10 young specialists were sent to study at the Biological Research Institute of NamETI.

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