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Department of technology of initial processing of natural fibers

Head of the department

Sarimsaqov Olimjon Sharifjonovich

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Members of the department
  • Sarymsakov Olimjon Sharifjonovich — Head of the Department (DSc)
  • Ahmedkhodjaev Hamid Tursunovich — Professor
  • Muradov Rustam Muradovich — Professor
  • Goyibnazarov Egamnazar Eryigitovich — Associate Professor
  • Tojiboyev Muhammadjon Ahmadjonovich — Associate Professor
  • Azimov Samad Solijanovich — Associate Professor
  • Umarov Akmal Akparaliyevich — Senior Lecturer (PhD)
  • Abdurahimov Komiljon Karimovich — Senior Lecturer
  • Sharipov Hayrullo Numanjonovich — assistant
  • Tursunov Ibrohim Turgunovich — assistant
  • Rejabboyev Sokhib Tojimirzaevich — Assistant
  • Isayev Shahboz Shavkatjanovich — assistant
  • Artykova Kamola Insopaliyevna — assistant
  • Muhsinov Ibragim Ismailjon — assistant
  • Kurbanov Dilmurod Maripjanovich — assistant
  • Kenzhaeva Muazzam Isroiljon — Head of Cabinet
  • Sultanov Otabek Sakhobiddin — Laborator
Research affairs
The department has 15 full-time professors and teachers, 3 of them are doctors of science, and 4 candidates of sciences, in accordance with the directions of the Republican scientific and technical programs «Energy, energy and resource saving, transport, machinery and equipment»:

  • Separation of fibrous seeds during the initial processing of cotton and an increase in fibers;
  • Improve the quality of the fibers and seeds produced by the Arrali Fiber Separation Machine;
  • Separate spinning fibers from lint;
  • Creation of modern equipment for cleaning cotton seeds from minor and major pollution;
  • Carrying out research work, such as improving the process of separation of cotton and separation of fibers. All members of the department participate in this research work.

At present time the department is working on several research projects and economic contracts.

In particular, R.Muradov’s practical project A-3-122 «Creating a device to remove minor impurities without affecting the natural properties of cotton» and under the guidance of M. Tadjiboev, IO-2016-2-9 «Adjusting the Density of Raw Material Density.» and implementation of the innovative project «Research and Development of two-cylinder demons with energy-efficient low-cost chamber BA-A3-013» under the direction of XTAhmadkhodjaev. All teachers of the department participated in the above projects.

The department has prepared posters «Technological processes of the initial cotton processing» for all ginneries in the region. rub down.

The level of coverage of faculty members with scientific research is 100%.

Achievements of the chair

There are 3 members of our department at the Scientific Council PhD.30.05.2018.T.66.01, which provides scientific degrees at the Institute: Chairman of the Board R. Muradov, Secretary of the Academic Council O. Sarimsakov and member of the Council H.T. Ahmedxodjaev. Two teachers in the department defended their dissertations and received their PhDs. A. Umarov spent three months training at the Italian University of Pisa in Italy. B.Obilov was admitted to the College of Materials and Textile Silk Institute in China in September this year. In addition, there are a large percentage of students studying at the department, among them alumni, and now we also have students who participate in sports competitions and have repeatedly won the championship of Uzbekistan.

Cooperative relations of the chair
The department of «primary processing of natural fibers» has established relations with many foreign institutes and universities and is expanding its contacts. For example, the Tashkent Institute of Textile Industry, professors of our department O. Sarimsakov, H.T. Akhmedhodzhaev returned with honorary diploma from Kulob Institute of Management and Technological Innovation. In addition, we have established cooperation with the Kostroma Institute in Moscow.

In 2019, 1 innovation group was established in the department «Initial Processing of Fibers» on innovative cooperation with industrial enterprises. The Innovation team has been working with faculty, senior researchers, masters and talented students working in the department with the ginneries in line with their research interests, Graduation Qualification and Master’s Dessert.

These innovative groups have partnered with all the ginneries in the region and about 10 ginneries in Fergana and Andijan regions. The innovation team consists of faculty, researchers, business representatives and talented students.

During the cooperation with the members of the department were conducted economic contracts, projects financed from the state budget, final qualifying works, master’s and doctoral dissertations, search for patents for about 10 inventions in the republic and region. He participated in scientific fairs, and several scientific conferences.

Particularly noteworthy is the work with cotton ginneries in our region. In particular, as a result of efforts to improve the technology and technology of the enterprise, practical, young scientists and innovative projects have been successfully completed.

In addition, as a result of innovative cooperation, 68 graduates successfully defended their diploma and master’s theses.

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