Department of energy

Head of the department

Shariboyev Nosirjon Yusubjanovich

(93) 677-03-29
Members of the department
  • Shariboyev Nosirjon — Head of the chair
  • Qaxarov Sobirjon — Dotcent
  • Qaxxarov Maxmudjov — Dotcent
  • Xoshimxujayev Madaminxuja — Dotcent
  • Rajapov Ikromjon — Senior teacher
  • Nabiyev Murodjon — Senior teacher
  • Shariboyev Erkinjon — teacher
  • Atamirzayev Doniyor — teacher
  • Tulqinov Muxammadali — teacher
  • Sultonov Sanjarbek — teacher
  • Ergashev Abdurasul — teacher
  • Xolboyev Doniyor — teacher
  • Maxmudov Bekzod — teacher
Research affairs
Department of «Energy» of the faculty «Automation and Energy» of the Namangan Engineering-Technological Institute was organized by the order of the rector of the Institute on July 16, 2018. At present the chair is headed by professor NY Sharifboyev. There are 3 professors, 2 senior teachers, 7 assistants in the department. Currently, the department prepares bachelors in 5310100 — Energy (Thermal Energy), 5310200 — Electrical Power Engineering (Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution). Scientists of the department carry out research work on actual directions of science and technology. The results of scientific research works of the faculty and researchers are regularly published in scientific articles and collections published in our country and abroad. Textbooks, lectures, manuals and instructions are prepared by highly qualified and experienced professors, and the classes are held at a high level. The department conducts scientific researches to expand the material and technical base of the department, to increase the scientific potential of teachers, to improve the practical knowledge of students.
Cooperative relations of the chair
Today, the enterprises of the region are in close contact with OJSC «Regional Electric Networks», «Regional pumping station and energy department», «Namangan heat source» and professional colleges. Currently, two researchers are working on their PhD (PhD).

The address of the department: