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Under the leadership of the Namangan Institute of Engineering and Technology and the primary organization of the Institute of Youth Union of Uzbekistan, they conducted a tour for freshmen who came from neighboring and distant regions to ensure the implementation of five important initiatives called “Welcome to Namangan”.

The first trip was the Isakhan Tura Ibrat complex, which is located in the Turakurgan region. Here, students were provided with detailed information about the life and work of Isakhan Tura Ibrahim based on numerous historical sources. After that, students visited an entertainment center called (Valley of Legends). Here, students received detailed information about the creation of the Valley of Legends, its modern service complexes, its architectural potential, plans for the future and projects, as well as many interesting facts. Our trip under the motto “Welcome to Namangan” is over. The trip was organized at a high level with interesting questions and positive emotions. About 120 freshmen from near and far abroad countries took part in the trip.