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Information Technology Center

Director of the center

Boyxanov Ilhomjon Ikromjonovich

Reception hours:
Everyday, from 9:00 to 17:00
Composition of the сenter
  • Head of the Center: Boykhanov Ilhomjon
  • Head of Information Systems Implementation Unit: Timur Kholmatov
  • Head of Information Security Department: Jafarov Bahrom
  • Abdusattarov Jurabek
  • Hall Director: Bustonov Diyor
  • Bakhrom Parpiyev
  • Kumushova Hilola
  • Akbarov Ibrahim
  • Mirzaev Abdurashid
Functions of the center
Provision of educational process by means of informatization of faculties, departments and other departments on the basis of Information System and modern computer structures of the Institute;

To solve the problems of internal informatization of the institute, that is, enrich the educational process, scientific and administrative-economic activity of the institute, activities of the educational institution and international activities in the field of informatization with information technologies and sources;

Introduction of Information Technologies, introduction and development of information technologies into the educational process of the Institute and other spheres of activity, covering the expertise of proposals and projects in the field of equipping the departments with software and technical means;

Implementation of work on development and introduction of information and communication technologies in accordance with modern requirements in order to provide information to the management and educational process of the Institute;

To create favorable conditions for professors, teachers and staff, senior researchers and students to work in a wide range of educational and scientific researches from information and communication technologies, in particular from the internet system;

Technical and methodological support to the use of computer technology in the educational process at the faculties;

Technical and software provision of creation and placement of e-learning resources based on a single system for faculties and departments;

To control the institutional information system of the Institute programmatically and technically and to facilitate their work at the required level; to create and develop the unified information system of the institute, as well as to ensure integration (unification) into the Republican and international system, in particular, to develop and implement projects for connecting the computers in the student dormitory to the same system, ;

Development and control of software and technical aspects of the information servers of the Institute, development and implementation of means limiting the right to use the stored information in the internal system of the Institute;

To ensure the use and operation of computer class software of the Institute;

Methodological provision of the system of improving the management activities of professors, teachers and employees, as well as their skills in the use of modern information technologies in the educational process;

Promotion of economic cooperation between the Institute and other organizations in the field of computing;

Design, development and development of the automated information system of the Institute in cooperation with the concerned faculties and departments;

Organization of analysis, design, development and control of the state of the internet and internet resources of the general Institute;

Develop multimedia presentations, make-up and create presentation materials;
General Institute of copying-practical assistance in the operation of reproduction techniques;
To create a repair base of communication equipment, structural communication and computing techniques;
To develop methods for testing and analyzing system performance of computer structures;
Coordination of the work carried out by the Centers of information resources, communication center, computer system for the purpose of informatization of the educational process and other types of activities, as well as work requiring interaction with the information and communication system of the Institute in an operative (operational) manner;
Practical assistance to the user and the audience in conducting video conferences, video conferences and video conferences;
Ensuring information security in computer classrooms and Local Area Network;
technical conclusion to the heirs of an incompetent orgtechnic;
Participation in the courses announced to the center of Science and Information Technology and foreign grants on projects corresponding to the activities and objectives of the center;
Carrying out other types of activities within the framework of the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the requirements of this regulation.

Center address: NamETI Building 1, 3rd floor