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Department of Food Technology

Head of the department

Department of Food Technology

Qanoatov Xayrullo Murodillaevich


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Members of the department
  • Qanoatov Xayrullo Murodullayevich — Head of the department
  • Хоshimov Xakimjon — Doctor of philosophy
  • Ataxanov Shuxrat Nuriddinovich — Doctor of philosophy
  • Xamdamov Anvarjon — Doctor of philosophy
  • O’ktamov Dilmurod Aminjonovich — Well-qualified teacher
  • Qurbonov Ne’matjon — Well-qualified teacher
  • Saribayeva Dilorom Akramjanovna — Well-qualified teacher
  • Abdurazzaqova Ma’mura Ne’matjanovna — Assistant
  • Sodiqova Shoira Abdurazzaqovna — Assistant
  • Abdullayeva Bufotima Tursunali qizi — Assistant
  • Raximov Umidjon Yunusjonovich — Assistant
  • Eshonto’rayev Abdulaziz Abdulatib o’g’li — Assistant
  • Adashev Behzodbek Sheraliyevich — Assistant
  • Nishonov O’tkirali Raxmatullayevich —
  • Ergasheva Oydina —
Research affairs
The department of food technology of chemistry technology faculty of Namangan institute of engineering and technology was established on the 30th of August in 2018 based on the 625 order of the rector of the Institute.

At the current time Doctor of Philosophy X. M. Qanoatov is leading the department.

In the department there are 3 doctors of philosophy, 3 well-qualified teachers and 6 assistants are working.

Nowadays, according to the fields of education 5321000 Food technology (fat-oil technology), 5321000 Food technology (meat-milk and canned food products technology) as well as this 5A321001 producing and recycling food products, bachelors and masters degree specialties are being prepared.

Scientists of the department are carrying out the research works on the challenging fields of national economy and science-technology. The results of scientific researches of professors, teachers and researchers of the department are constantly publishing scientific articles and manuals in our country and abroad.

Lecture texts, methodical manuals, textbooks were prepared by highly qualified teachers and with the help of these resources lessons are being carried out at the high standard.

Scientific researches are being carried out in order to improve students’ knowledge and to extend material technical base.

Cooperative relations of the chair
Nowadays department is cooperating with professional colleges, Tashkent Chemistry technology institute, Plants Chemistry institute and shareholding companies organized in our Republic ‘Marvel DjusKo’,’Yanes’, ‘Coca Cola’, ‘Nestle’, ‘Musaffo iqlim Trans’, ‘Namanganvino’.

Scientific, methodical, practical cooperation with food industries, professional colleges which are operating in Namangan province has been established to improve the practical knowledge of students and to explore the diploma project work.

In the department facilities are enough for students of bachelors, masters and doctors of philosophy to improve their knowledge and experience. With the help of internet they keep themselves informed about the scientific researches and resources done in foreign countries. Students with their scientific researches are taking part in national conferences.

At the present time, there are 4 doctors of philosophy are working on  their doctoral in the department. As a result of scientific works were published more than 30 scientific works, 2 monographs, a manual, methodical manuals and 6 patents have been obtained so far.

Adress: NamETI 3-bulding, 3-floor