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Information Resource Center

Director of the center

Dolimov Abdulaziz Solijonivich

Reception hours:
Har kuni, 15:00-17:00
Composition of the centre
Dolimov Abdulaziz Solijonovich — Head of department

Abdullaev Ravshan Karimdjanovich Head of department
Kakhkharova Saida Nakibjanovna Leading specialist
Makhammadjanova Zilola Golibjon kyzy Styleologist
Olimova Rano Usmanovna Librarian
Sultanova Munisa Sakhobiddinovna Librarian
Abduazizova Marguba Tursunpo’latovna Librarian
Zulfikarova Dilfuza Gulomjanovna Head of department
Sotvoldieva Rashida Salohiddinovna Leading specialist
Ganiyeva Risligoy Hasanbaevna Librarian
Khashimova Rashida Zakriyaevna Librarian
Tojiaxmedov Sharifjon Rakhimovich Head of department
Azimova Gulnora Mamatakhunovna Chief librarian
Rakhimov Avazbek Rustamovich Bibliographer
Karimova Mamura Latipjanovna Librarian
Yuldasheva Mavluda Abdullaevna Librarian
Obbaskhonov Zohidjon Mavliddin ugli Head of department
Nurmatova Nigora Toyirjonovna Librarian
Isakjonova Holy Nazimjon kizi Library
Abdullaeva Zainab Umarovna Bibliographer
Kayumova Zarifa Alimjanovna Librarian

Activities of the center

Namangan Institute of engineering and technology for 2013-2015 years the information resource center of the institute has been fully reconstructed, has an area of 1338.5 M2 for independent work of students, professors, teachers and employees of the Institute, and the general fund for the case of September 1, 2017 has a Literature Fund of 14 5429 thousand copies in 23 861 Including:

Textbooks — 1711 titles, 23298 copies
Manuals-2160 titles, 34849 copies
Scientific literature-1390 titles, 16125 copies
Artistic literature — 10737 titles, 32850 copies
Other literature – 7389 titles, 37018 copies
Foreign literature – 474 titles, 1789 copies

Today, the Information Resource Center has 5 children and 5 children.

With the practical assistance of the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education, focusing on strengthening the material technical base of the «Information Resource Center»by the management of the Institute, in 2014 the institute was presented to the center 52 sets of computers, 2 printers, 6 (scanners) copies. At the center today 68 sets of computers, 4 printers, 7 (scanner) copies and other office equipment are being used. In the arm there are 3 computer classes with 52 seats, connected to local and internet networks, the local area network speed is 100 mb / second, and the speed of the internet network is 2 mb/second. More than 800 titles of textbooks and training manuals have been prepared by the end of the year by the end of the year.

In order to create conditions for living in the «student residence»of the Institute, information library services are provided in the abonement department with 67247 copies of book funds, 36-seat training hall with 14660 book funds, computer hall with 12-seat modern computers.

Rules of use of Information Resource Center
One of them. General rules.
It’s 1.1.The activities of the Information Resource Center (IRC) are based on the printotypes of democracy, Man-care, ease of general use, priority of universal values, free perfection of the individual.
It’s 1.2. The use of arm is free of charge, the list of some types of paid services provided by the ARM, the amount of fees paid for them is established by law.

Two. Rights and obligations of users.
It’s 2.1. The right to use ARM is granted to all reasonable persons, as well as enterprises, institutions and organizations, regardless of their citizenship, age, social and other status, living in the territory of which this ARM provides services.
2.2. Users have the following rights:- to receive any documents from the IRC fund for temporary use, as well as to order and receive printed or electronic copies of documents from other IRC through the system of electronic delivery of documents;-bibliographic, reference-use of the Information Service and other types of services provided by the IRC;-participation in mass events held by the IRC.
2.3.what is it? In order to become a member of the Army, users submit a document confirming their identity (birth certificate or passport), a student certificate, a photo of the required number of students, as well as information for the registration of the membership ticket and a registration sheet. Other urban citizens will receive a temporary membership ticket, passport or its replacement with the indication hujjatni. Citizens of another country receive the ticket on the basis of a passport of their country or other document certifying their identity formalized in the prescribed procedure
It’s 2.4. Issued for use in a lump sum to users. the number of documents is regulated by the IRC alone. Unique and valuable publications, as well as documents, as well as unpublished materials, are issued to users in accordance with the established procedure.
Two and a half. Users are obliged to eqtiyot documents and other materials received from the arm. The user must scan them when receiving documents and materials and inform the IRC employee about this when it is determined that there are any defects in them.
It’s 2.6. Persons who have caused damage to the ARM fund will respond in a material, criminal or otherwise in accordance with the legislation.
2.7. For violation of the rules for the use of ARM, users may be deprived of the right to use ARM for a period established by the ARM administration.

The three. Arm’s obligations to provide services to users
I’m sorry. Accounting, storage and use of documents and materials in IRC funds in accordance with the established rules that ensure their preservation; reference-bibliographic

Center address: NamETI, Building 1, 2nd floor