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Personnel department

Head of the department

Ahmadjonov Obidjon Voxobjonovich

Reception hours:
Everyday, from 9:00 to 17:00
Department structure
Activity of the department
Staff of Namangan Engineering-Technological Institute carries out the following activities in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, labor codes and instructions of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

Selection and employment of the staff of the rector’s nomenclature in accordance with the requirements of the directives and regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan and in cooperation with the heads of departments of the Institute.

Promptly recruit, reorganize and dismiss employees of the Institute, and prepare documentation for approval by the ministry and rector.  Maintaining personal records of staff and students.

Conducting personal and personal accounting of all categories of students and students of the Institute in accordance with the established forms.

Participation in the graduation process of young professionals and providing them with relevant documentation.

Keeping a workbook and records

Participation in preparation and carrying out certification of professors, teachers, technical and educational support staff.

Participate in the process of drafting and tariffing orders for appointments of salaries, benefits, social benefits and more.

Provision of identity documents and information.

The head of the Human Resources Department selects the staff headed by the rector. It is directly subordinated to the rector.

Head of the Human Resources Department is designated as a technical and managerial staff with a higher education and at least 5 years of senior management experience.

In addition, the Institute has a key role in the selection of administrative, technical, educational and support staff; accepts for hiring, dismissal and transfer; supervises the correctness and placement of staff in the departments of the Institute, as well as supervises the recruitment and placement of young staff and specialists, together with the heads of departments of the Institute; actively participates in the Commission on staff shortage; participates in the appointment of reserve personnel; participate in the Certification Commission; oversees the selection of documentation by retraining and retraining specialists.

Draws up the documents required for employment and dismissal in accordance with the labor laws; keeps records of employment history and workbooks for personal content; maintains and maintains workbooks. Controls the storage of personal files of the faculty, staff and students of the Institute; Provides documentation with the institute’s trade union to encourage and reward faculty, staff and students; draws up the documents of retired faculty, staff and their families, and provides them with social services; controls the completeness and accuracy of the documents of the contestants and recommends them to participate in the contest; Forms orders of selected professors and teachers in the Academic Council of the Institute.

Organizes work on personnel management, introduces automatic control system in certain areas, personnel selection system; Registration of travel documents for those traveling abroad; supervises the work of department inspectors; improves the methods and directions of work in the field of education of the personnel, and promotes the best methods of work in this direction.

Analyzes the reasons for staff turnover, non-attendance and violation of labor discipline.

Arranges and implements labor vacation schedules.

Develops measures to improve labor discipline and efficient use of working hours; maintains statistical reporting on all categories of personnel, monitors the storage of diploma forms, academic records and workbooks.

Address of the Department: NamETI Building 3, 1st Floor