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Scientific department

Head of the department

Mallabayev Odiljon Tohirjanovich

Reception hours:
Every day, 9: 00-11:00
Department structure
Mallabayev Odiljon Tohirjanovich — Scientific research and scientific pedagogical staff Head of Preparation Departmen

Yuldasheva Ilmira Bahtiyorovna — Scientific research and scientific pedagogical  staff Preparation Engineer

Bo'lim faoliyati
* to further increase the scientific potential of professors and teachers in the Institute.

* expansion of the scope of research work carried out within the framework of State Scientific and technical programs.

* increase the effectiveness of scientific and pedagogical personnel training;

* identification of senior students and orientation to research work;

* effectively increase the number of advocates for doctoral dissertations.

* training of scientific and pedagogical personnel on the basis of independent research.

* effective use of the existing scientific potential of the institute to carry out fundamental, practical and innovative research work.

* revitalization of works carried out on the basis of contract of partnership with enterprises and organizations related to relevant sectors of the economy.

* improvement of material and technical base of scientific laboratories of the Institute.

* to introduce the integration of Science with education and production (introduction to the production of obtained results).

* to develop the relations of the institute with research institutions of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

* organize conferences, Olympiads and competitions that demonstrate the potential of young scientists and students and their results in research work.

* Holding Republican, regional, international conferences and symposiums in order to promote the results of scientific works of the Institute scientists, compare them with the current scientific achievements and raise scientific researches to the level of the modern world.

Department address: NamETI, 3rd Building, 3rd floor