The chair of Design

Head of the department

Kholikov Kurbonali Madaminovich


Members of the department
  • Kholikov Kurbonali Madaminovich — Head of chair, Doctor of technical sciences
  • Rizametova Manzura Abdullajonovna – Senior teacher
  • Bakhromov Ulugbek Gapirjonovich – Senior teacher
  • Khamrakho’jayev Bakhtiyor Yahyokhonovich — Senior teacher
  • Shukurova Lobar Sherboyevna – assistant teacher
  • Hakimjanov Islombek Shukhrat ugli — assistant teacher
  • Shogofurov Shakhbozjon Shokirjon ugli — assistant teacher
Research affairs
Scientific activities of the department. The faculty professor- teachers of the department are making and developing fundamental, practical and innovative projects, economical contracts, projects for participation in different competitions. In this regard, they are conducting research in cooperation with the leading specialists of this sphere. Cooperation agreements have been signed with enterprises. In order to increase the efficiency of cooperative research, they are involved in the preparation of the young generation in line with modern requirements. Responsible teachers for the themes are defined.

Although the department does not prepare senior researchers, its members are working independently on their own scientific research works.

The chair has begun to prepare Bachelors of 5150900 — Design (Costume), 5320900 — Design and Technology of Light Industry products (Knitwear) and Master’s degree in 5A150901 — Costume from the 2019-2020 academic year. All undergraduate students in the department are working on themes that are based on scientific issues that are relevant to the priority areas of the field. They have contracts with the relevant industrial enterprises and the dissertation work of each graduate student is closely related to the scientific problems of these enterprises. The reports of graduate students in the department are discussed in accordance with the established schedule and are given appropriate recommendations and guidance by the teaching staff of the department.


All the professors and teachers of the chair have their own scientific topics. Their topics were chosen according to the industrial, fundamental and theoretical problems of the relevant field.

Cooperative relations of the chair
The chair has established close relations with the Design of department University of Dresden, Erfurt, Freiburg, Ilmenau, Germany. Faisalabad National Textile University, Pakistan. CITRA Research Institute in Kumbatori, India. Jungbu University, South Korea. St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, Russia. Universities of Donghua, Guangzhou, China.TITLI and Namangan Engineering and Construction Institute. It cooperates with the light industry enterprises existing in Namangan region.

Adress: NamETI Bulding 6, 2-floor