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Department of Chemistry

Head of the department

Хоshimоv Farhod Fayzullayevich

Members of the department
  • Xoshimov Farxod Fayzullaevich — Head of thedepartment
  • Abdilalimov Obidjan — Dosent
  • Abidov Ibroximjon — Dosent
  • Umarov Abdimitalib — Dosent
  • Arislanov Akmaljon Sayibbaevich — Senior teacher
  • Botirov Tuychivoy Tojievich — Senior teacher
  • Nuridinov Olimjon Kutbidinovich — Senior teacher
  • Soliev Mahammadjon Ismatullaevich — Assisent
  • Oxundadaev Abdug’ani Komiljon o’g’li — Assisent
  • Djo’raev Mohirjon Abduqodirovich — Assisent
  • Tursunov Nodirbek Nematillayevich — Assisent
Research affairs
Department of Chemistry of Namangan Engineering-Technology Institute was organized on September 2, 2015 by the order of the rector of the Institute O.M Mamatkarimov on the basis of the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology. Since that time the Head of the Department of Chemistry is Ph.D., Associate Professor Hoshimov Farhod Fayzullaevich. The department conducts research on the synthesis of supramolecular compounds, Organic synthesis, Biologically active compounds, physico-chemical analysis of the compounds obtained, the study of the activity of synthesized compounds and the production of phosphate fertilizers.The scientific team of the department under the guidance of F.Khoshimov in 2015-2018 № I-7-11-2014 «Production of alternative organic extrusion of acetic acid with effective method» and «Polyvinyl acetate dispersion I-2017-7-16». implementation of production technologies”.2018-2019 FZ-2017101413- The young scientists fundamental grant (project manager M.Soliev) on «Study of reactions with acetylene, the properties and application of condensed hydroxyl compounds».




7 of our former members are doing research in prestigious universities and research institutes in Tashkent. In recent years, more than 50 new organic compounds have been synthesized as a result of research conducted at the department.In 2017, the monograph «Solid State Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering» by O. Abdilalimov «Серусодержащие алкалоиды и  другие низкомолекулярные метоболиты растений родов Dipthychocarpus и Crambe семейства крестоцветных флоры Узбекистана » in 2018. In 2018, Associate Professor O. Abdilalimov in collaboration with scientists from the Surgut State University published a textbook entitled «Chemical Organic Chemistry» and F. Khoshimov «General and Inorganic Chemistry».


«Nature of separation», co-authored by: Associate Professors I.Abidov, F.F.Hashimov and Assistant A.K Akhundadadyev published monographs.In 2019 Associate Professor O. Abdulalimov together with the scientist of Surgut State University E. Botirov held a seminar on «General Chemistry Practicum» by M. Soliev, S. Numonov, F. Khashimov, and O. Ruzimuradov. Created manuals.Currently, the department is headed by Associate Professor F.Khoshimov. There are 4 associate professors, 3 senior teachers, 3 assistants in the department.

Cooperation of the department

NamIET Academic Lyceum has established close cooperation with a number of industrial enterprises in Namangan region for educational and methodical and research activities, such as «Namangan juice», «Mehmash», «Ifoda». Agreements on training of personnel, innovative cooperation, scientific and practical assistance with the LLC «agrochemical protection» are signed and cooperation is established. Also, the members of the department are working with them to give their guidance and advice in addressing the existing scientific and technical problems at the above enterprises.Professors and teachers of the department regularly participate in the Republican Innovation Fair. On April 26-27, 2016 the Republican scientific-practical conference on «Innovative Ideas for Improvement of Production Technology in Chemical Technology and Food Industry» was held.



At the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan by the professors and teachers of the Chemistry Department of NamETI, the Republican Chemistry Olympiads in 2017 and 2018 were held at the highest level.

Department address: NamMTI 5–Building, 2–floor