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Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of SSTU Svetlana Kalganova and Director of Engels’ Technological Institute (branch) of SSTU Roman Gribov participated in the International Investment Forum in Namangan city.

The international forum was held on June 7-8. The delegation of the Saratov State Technical University held meetings and discussion on educational development topics. Also, representatives of SSTU took part in a meeting with the rector and students of the Namangan Institute of Engineering and Technology, where they discussed cooperation in the field of education and science. Also, agreements were reached on training in the magistracy in the 1 + 1 format, and training of postgraduate students, doctoral students, and the internship of the NamIET teachers.

As a part of cooperation with the Namangan Institute of Engineering and Technology in 2018, 56 students were enrolled for Higher Education programs in the directions of «Chemical technology», «Technological machines and equipment» and «Automation of technical processes and production». In 2020, these students will be transferred to study at Engels Technological Institute (branch) of the Yu. A. Gagarin State Technical University, with the opportunity for graduates to receive two diplomas from – SSTU named after Yu.A.Gagarin and NamIET.

“The main thing for us today is to meet with our future students. At the moment, we are actively working on a joint curriculum project, and in the near future, students will study in Engels. I want to note that the network form of interaction in education is being implemented for the first time on the territory of the Saratov region,” shared Roman Gribov.

According to the results of bilateral meetings, Odiljon Ohundadaevich Mamatkarimov, Rector of Namangan Institute of Engineering and Technology, and Vice-Rector for academic affairs of SSTU Svetlana Kalganova, signed a bilateral agreement in the field of education.The delegation of the Saratov State Technical University named after Yu.A. Gagarin invited colleagues from NamIET to the city of Saratov for a deeper and more comprehensive implementation of the program.