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In order to fulfill the decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On further improvement and development of teaching foreign languages” №1875, and “On measures for the further development of the higher education system” № 2909, as well as Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers № 610 “On measures for the further improvement of teaching foreign languages in the educational institutions ”the US embassy organized a training at the Namangan Engineering Institute of Technology in cooperation with the Embassy of the United States of America.

The training was attended by the students of Namangan State University, Namangan Construction Engineering Institute, Namangan Engineering Technological Institute and the pupils of academic lyceums of the region. At the seminar, American teachers Benjamin Arenstein, Caroline Murray and Shannon Roach conducted trainings on “Etiquette of e-mail”, “The Art of Analysis”, “Structuring Your Essay” and “Writing Poetry: Haiku”.

“Writing Poetry: Haiku – the Japanese Poetry” is an expression of words through drawings, “Structuring Your Essay” is an essay planning style by discussing three different parts of an essay where participants wrote essays on a free topic. The art of analysis taught participants how to interpret and analyze art in English.

The workshop helped students to improve their English, improve their writing skills, and gain additional knowledge.

During the training, students also expressed their opinions in English.