Master’s degree Department

Head of Department

Bayboboeva Firuza Nabijonovna

Reception hours:
Every day, 9: 00-11:00
Department structure
Bayboboeva Firuza Nabijonovna – Head of department
Department activities
Coordination of preparing  master degree students is done by Department of Masters in the institute of Namangan Engineering-Technology and department provides as follows together with other departments and dean’s office

  • Organizing and carrying out study process according to preparing Masters
  • Helping to control the quality of education and teaching
  • Controlling how scientific researches are being done
  • Coordination of function of preparing masters with all faculties of the institute
  • Teaching masters and monitoring regularly what job they will find in the future
  • Analyzing the matters of preparing masters and providing the preparation of reports regularly

Operation of  the department of master’s is based on the regulation of the Republic of Uzbekistan on “Education” and “National program for personnel training , the decree about “ Improving the system of preparing highly qualified scientific and science-educators and qualifying” by the President of Uzbekistan, Decree of President numbered 4456 in July of 24,2012 , the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministries  of Republic of Uzbekistan named “about the means of improving the function of Master’s in Higher Education of Uzbekistan and its efficiency” in 2007 September 10 and also “Charter about Master degrees” which is approved by the decree of Cabinet of Ministries  of Republic of Uzbekistan numbered 190 in 2015 March 2.

Master’s specialties in  our institute are as follows:

  1. Design (by types)
  2. Marketing (by branches and fields)
  3. Metrology, standardization and quality management ( by branches)
  4. Hardware and machineries of Light Industry and textiles
  5. The technology of processing of raw materials of textiles (by materials)
  6. Conducting the construction and technology of sewing items
  7. The technology of producing textile products (by types of products)
  8. The technology of preliminary processing of cotton and preparing seeds
  9. The technology of producing and processing of Food Products
  10. The technology of storage and processing of Agricultural products ( by types of products)
  11. Machineries and processes of chemical technology (by types of production)

Adress: NamITI 3-building, 3-floor