Department of Foreign Languages

Head of the department

Xoshimova Dildora Madaminovna

+998 93 264 78 10
+998 69 228 76 71
Members of the department
  • Xoshimova Dildora Madaminovna- Head of the department, D.Phil
  • Kayumov Sharibboy – senior teacher
  • Idrisaliyeva Lyubov Aleksandrovna – senior teacher
  • Sherg’oziyev Shuhrat Sheraliyevich- senior teacher
  • Axunbabaeva Nargiza Hamidjanovna – teacher
  • Nazirova Oygul Muxitdinovna – teacher
  • A’zamov Sayfulbot Muxamadalievich – teacher
  • Ismailov O’sarjon Usubjonovich – teacher
  • Xaydarova Sarvinoz Zuxriddinovna – teacher
  • Ergasheva Hilola Yunusxanovna – teacher
  • Yunusova Nilufar Maxmudjon qizi – teacher
  • Yuldashev Mansurjon Alijanovich – teacher
  • Abdullaeva Shaxnoza Akbaralievna – teacher
  • Musaeva Gulnora Abdulxamidovna – teacher
  • Karimov Marufjon Mamirjonovich – teacher
  • Turaboeva Xakima Usmonjon qizi – teacher
  • Xolboyeva Nodira Abdumalik qizi  – teacher
  • Tillaboyeva Odina Bahodirovna – teacher
  • Ayto’rayev Majidxon Mavlonxonovich – teacher
  • Xoshimova Odina Olim Qizi – teacher
  • Zayniddinov Husniddin Sadriddinovich – teacher
  • Talibdjanov Bahodir Alimovich – teacher
  • Mo’minov Sardor Djumanazarovich – Department secretary
Research affairs
The Department of Foreign Languages was established in 1982 as the Department of Languages. Associate Professor A.Abdullajonov, senior teachers Sh. Kayumov and Sh.Shergoziev acted as the heads of the department. Currently, the department is headed by the doctor of philological  sciences Khoshimova D.M. Members of the department teach students the following subjects: Foreign language, Foreign language (continued), Applied English and Applied foreign language.

Today, the department has professors and teachers who taught, studied and improved the skills of students in American, German, Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and other foreign universities.

The teachers of the department prepared more than 100 guidelines and instructions.

At the department there is a regular “English for You” club and the Speaking Club. Undergraduate and graduate students enhance their language skills.

There is an “Intensive English Course” at the department, which helps students, masters and professors learn the language well and prepare for the ILTES tests. Courses for preparing interpreters and guides are also provided.

The department conducts scientific research on “Application of experimental and new pedagogical technologies in the educational process”. The Translation School is led by the doctor of philological sciences D.M.Hоshimova and the senior teacher Sh.Kayumov. Most of the teachers of the department are doing research works in the field of translation and pedagogy. Several articles in foreign journals with impact factor were published. Scientific cooperation is being carried out with the Japanese Academy Academician EiJi Mano, Professor of Indian Jawahar Lal University Akhlaq Akhan, Rector of Urdu National University Aslam Muhammad Parvez, and the professor of the University of Delhi.

Cooperative relations of the chair
The department closely cooperates with the German organization of DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), Gumbold University, embassies of Germany, USA, England, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Center of Indian Culture. As a result, professors and teachers from prestigious universities in these countries were invited to give lectures and to organize joint educational and cultural events. Some of our faculty teachers have participated in the exchange training courses. During the 2018-2019 academic year, US English teacher Benjamin Areinstain worked with our students on a co-teaching program, which also contributed to the professional development of our faculty.

Adress: NamITI 1–building, 3–floor